Our Industries

Recognising the uniqueness of your industry and your requirements, we tailor our service offering as a total integrated solution. Our services are offered across various industries:

Remote Workplaces

Keeping your employees and contractors happy with the facilities and services available in a remote workplace is an important factor in the smooth running of your operation. This is aligned with the efficient running of accommodation and all amenities. Health and safety is always our main priority. Our established processes and systems address risks such as food safety, access control and disease/infection in remote areas. We are perfectly geared towards providing a complete remote working environment, providing enhanced safety and worker well-being in some of Africa’s toughest terrains.


The fluidity of a mining operation from exploration to production phase requires a service provider that has the flexibility to adapt to changes quickly and smoothly. From getting the new exploration site up and running with tents, to changing the accommodation to pre-fabricated housing as the site is established. Mining operations require a best-in-class quality support service, that’s what we excel in. We handle every aspect of a mining camp’s change of use – from a short term, low occupancy camp, to a long term, high occupancy camp.

Oil & Gas

With people working and living offshore in confined spaces for long periods of time, maintaining health, safety, quality and staff morale under these difficult conditions requires a service provider that understands that the productivity of the entire operation relies on consistent performance excellence. At UFS Africa whether off shore or onshore we manage the service in all respects from start to finish. Our aim is to avoid any negative impact on production to positively impact our client’s operational efficiency and productivity.

Engineering & Construction

Providing support services to the engineering and construction industry requires an in-depth knowledge of how they work and their key differentiating features. We are confident in knowing that we are able to take control of all the planning and organisation requirements backed by our fully integrated support services that are designed around your needs and the needs of the project.

Government: Defence, Correctional Services, Healthcare & Education

From ensuring the troops get the energy and nutrition they need, to providing a foodservice to inmates at a correctional facility, as well as providing a healthy foodservice to hospital patients and school campuses or tertiary institutions – we have the experience and expertise to provide a fully integrated support service catering to specific needs and high standards.

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